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Christianity does recycle….

Neo-evangelical churches (my phrase) are not likely contributing to the growth of church attendance, but are actually “re-cycling”  those who find their traditional Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Alliance or ______ church not “working” for them.  Bring it on “Harvest Fellowship”, “The Meeting House”, “Elevation Church”,  and the like, but please remember something and walk humbly. You must…

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Loss, Pain and the life we live

Human pain and suffering is a constant. It is the low drone note ringing through the stuff of the universe. If one could actually “hear” suffering its sound would be piercing and constant across our world. There is never even a moment where suffering and anguish is extinguished on this fallen earth. But many of…

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Summer Reading 2016 – part I

Enjoying these two reads immensely – one non-fiction and one-fiction. Marilynne Robinson just dazzles with her ability to create mood and sense with words.  I am generally not a fan of many modern writers, but she (and a few others) belong on my favourites list. “The Reformation” was recommended as a good overview of a…

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