The Approaching Darkness

One day it will all go dark. The life we have lived will all be behind us. All the decisions, the worries and ambitions of this short life will cease when for a few moments (if fortunate) we consciously realize that we have reached the Final Moments.

Some say we should expect to see the faces of those we love, and the scenes of our life flash before us. Let’s imagine that they do. After the many scenes of our lives with love, joy, loss and sorrow then what, pray tell, is left at the bottom of it all? What is the final sediment of our lives when death shakes away the dross like a frenzied gold miner looking for something lasting and valuable? It comes down to this: was it He, or was it Us, that we spent our vain years pursuing? In the end, if our life was directed at Us and our own sovereignty and desire, we had better hope that we were worthy of that lifelong pursuit?

You see, for eternity we will get exactly what we wanted all along – “you as priority alone”, and not He and His priorities. For, if my life was directed towards me, surely I would be reaping exactly what I sowed?

This thought itself is hellish. You see, I already tire of the “me-ness of me” after just 55 years…what damnation it would be to be left to myself forever!

I shudder at the thought.

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