Reaching “Through” to the real.

If there was more than what we can see would there not be a hint of such in our lives? Does it not seem at times like certain special moments occur in our lives that point beyond to something ineffable and beyond the natural? We live a good part of our lives seemingly reaching “through” and not being able to grip the reality behind our love one’s face… the sunset…the few bars of heart-wrenching music that hints at something we in this life have not fully experienced. Perhaps it’s that feeling after the final trailing few words of that rare conversation with your spouse where you almost got to “something”, but ran out of strength or wit or your body and mind started to feel too tired to continue. The experience of such moments leaves us with a resonant sense that something is beyond all of this – and yet we cannot fully reach it in the here and now.

All of us feel the weight of the temporality of each moment, but it is indeed odd since for so many in our world who are materialists, we cannot truly accept that there is even a “weight” to sense and so we fall back into a sort of “this is all there is” mentality and put the “feeling of beyond” down to some chemical brain process. A sort of “ghost” in the machine, as it has been called in another context.

Just this evening after a wonderful BBQ visiting with family, as they left a deep twinge of sadness gripped at me. I felt something real was leaving. I sensed something beyond the face, the body, the voice that said, “This here and now cannot ever feel completely satisfying ….there is an immanence and a ghost of something more tugging at me from beyond some curtain I cannot locate or open”. It is in its way more real than the actual physical person or event that triggers this sense. It is, to me, a certain reality that points ever so gently beyond.

Might it be that still, small voice of Him who haunts us all. That “breath of God” breathed into each one of us.

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