Who is God…

Our project under the “Who is God” banner has two simple objectives.  Firstly, to understand explore the current state of thinking on this topic in a modern, multi cultural city like Toronto.  Secondly, we intend to then contrast these views with what historic orthodox Christianity has taught to engage seekers in a serious of studies and dialogues around this topic.

This is NOT theology per se, as a subject.  Theology flows from the character and persona of the Creator.  Many ministries today are focussed on defending the faith by defending the second order issues of biblical authority, the rationality of a Christian world view, etc. RZIM and Power to Change and other great causes are doing this well and don’t need our humble help.

In contrast our focus will be on the first order issue – namely, “who is God our Creator” and is there a systematic and approachable way of exploring this while not digressing into derivative issues that flow from this.  Purely and simply we see this work as one of being advocates for the Creator with the  aim of helping folks at least understand what the church has taught about this rather than the caricatures that so many of us walk around with in our minds.

It’s a very focussed endeavour and yet, we approach this on our knees knowing that we are trying in the best way humanly possible to better understand the Wonderful Mind  behind all that we see.

Dear Lord, please help your humble servants.

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