Obama: The Great Sleepwalking President continues in his dream state

More and more to me the best description of this American President is that he behaves like a “sleepwalker” of sorts. Sleepwalking through his dream state called “Hope” while the rest of those in the real world say , “huh?”.

In his Obama Dream all is not too bad and had gotten much better under him. In this dream state where he is cool and funny and alright with the A-list of the world, the E-list (everyone else) really does not effect him enough to wake him from his Deep Slumber. In his dream state, the rest of us are too hot and bothered about certain issues and too dumb to understand the truth that only he, the Great Sleepwalker, can see from his high perch above us all. According to the Great Sleepwalking President, things are now so much better in fact that he is shocked that people don’t want to continue his “dream” by electing Hillary. But then again, thats because a large percentage of America does not live in the Dream State of Obama, but they live in the Awake World – where fear and worry do exist. In the last eight years all too often when fearful Americans looked to their President, rather than reflecting back some of that fear and worry (yet using it constructively as a leader should) they only saw a man who continued to Sleepwalk, and said to them, “Don’t worry, be happy.. things are better…I am off to the golf course…oh yes, terrorists are trying to kill us…and hundreds have been slaughtered in 2016…but please…don’t wake me, I am enjoying my Sleepwalk too much.

This is the last Obama Christmas. Why not use your last few weeks to invite some ordinary, non-Hollywood people to the White House to celebrate and put a spotlight on those workers, teachers, volunteers in various black and white and Latino communities who are working to make American better? Oh. But they are just plain folks and cannot entertain him or stroke his ego like Beyonce or Katy or some Hollywood Director. This contact with the real, messy world might also wake him from his Dream and so, enjoying this state far too much, he prefers to surround himself with celebrities and fawners who whisper sweet things to him so as not to awaken him to reality and end his dream.

Sleepwalk on Mr President. Don’t let us wake you.

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