Jesus the Son? Why not the daughter?


I am puzzled.  I am surprised and disappointed.  A local and very well-known Christian teacher was just asked why, if Jesus was so counter-cultural, he was a man rather than a woman.

Now, there is a pretty darn good answer than I would propose is accepted by an overwhelming majority of Christian theologians whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox.  But the answer given by the pastor was essentially, “Since Rabbis had to be male to teach and, secondly, if Jesus came as a woman who would be dismissed since he would  have not “power” to lay down”.  Hmm.  Did I just hear that?  No – rewind and listen again – wow, indeed that is his answer.  I am gobsmacked.

I won’t write a long post on what almost every orthodox Christian theologian would posit as a better answer, but it is not too dissimilar to the answer once would give if asked, “Why is God the Father presented as a Father and not a Daughter…and the answer goes absolutely nothing like the answer Bruxy gave.

I will graciously assume the pastor “misspoke” (isn’t that would politicians say) ….because if this is his first and best answer, I would be worried.

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