The story of redemption: love story, not morality play


As parents would any of us ever dare characterize the story of our family as the story of how we set rules for our children and relished catching them breaking these rules so we could punish them? A sort of mini-morality play ? Would would be happy once we leave this earth if our children recall the history of our lives by speaking mainly about the rules we taught them and tried to enforce? I would say not. Yes these matter, but they are not what parenting is about – they are necessary but not existentially why we parent.

As against this, the better narrative for parenting is that of a love story between a man and woman yielding children whom we love and cherish. The rules are necessary, but do not create the arc of the story. Rather, the arc of the story is our love and its derivatives. In the future we would surely be most happy happy if our children and their children fondly recall the love we had for each other and them.

Analogically, this is where we have gone off the rails in the Christian church so much in out history that it makes many people question the very endeavour of our faith itself.

The majority of folks who “experience” church fail to be taught and shown that the story of God and His creation is first and foremost a grand love story. It is most definitely not a morality play. It is indeed sad that much of our “brand” has been deeply tainted by this twisted narrative which misses the truth of God’s character by a wide margin.

I can most confidently say that Our God reveals Himself as the Lover of the Universe. The very Lover of our Souls. If we read the Scripture remembering this we read it in the most appropriate way. Our Lord acts more like a lover in His passion and desire than some dispassionate rule-giver. And yet the church – or so much of the church historically – has interpreted this Grand Love Story as a morality play. Shame on us. God Have Mercy.


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